The Low2No project is designed to help transition our cities to a low carbon future. We aim to balance economy, ecology and society through strategic investments and interventions in the built environment.

Diagramming Landscape

Landscape design of the Low2No block is underway with Berlin-based Sinai and Sauerbruch Hutton

Rather than show their early proposals, posted below are a series of diagrams that attempt to situate native elements of the Finnish landscape on our site. The process (layering images on sketches) is straightforward, but the results are not. Careful manipulation of the image scale opens possibilities for landscape to communicate intent as much as say, building integrated renewables. Landscape will help to position the project in the public's imagination; a piece of the city with distinctly Finnish DNA, but adapted to a new century where performance vies with aesthetics and geometry for top billing. 

Low2No block landscape diagrams
Low2No block landscape diagrams

May 26th, 2011

Posted by: Justin W. Cook

Category: Project Updates