The Low2No project is designed to help transition our cities to a low carbon future. We aim to balance economy, ecology and society through strategic investments and interventions in the built environment.

51-52. Week in Review

Low2No is a product of many motivations. One is a belief that "demonstration projects" are of limited efficacy in terms of their ability to impact business as usual operations. Here is an excerpt from some recent writing:

The Low2No project has emerged out of uneasiness with the long-term value and importance of so called "demonstration projects." Demonstration projects rely on an exemption from important dynamics that limit other projects from achieving the same objectives. Typically, this exemption comes in the form of an unlimited budget. But by not addressing budget or the economic realities of the situation, the demonstration project cannot be replicated as other, future actors will not have an unlimited budget. Therefore Low2No seeks to balance economy, ecology & society in each decision that is made. We recognize that this will not yield the perfect solution in the first instance, but it will help us make real progress toward the perfect solution. 

Experientia future resident workshop
Experientia future resident workshop

This is in part why we are so happy to be working with Experientia. Through their participatory design process, they have been able to cull remarkable insights into the needs of our future residents. With this knowledge, the client and design team can tailor the project's housing and services in a way that will make the block desireable, increasing the chances that the project's principles will be taken up and repeated. 

December 30th, 2010

Posted by: Justin W. Cook

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