The Low2No project is designed to help transition our cities to a low carbon future. We aim to balance economy, ecology and society through strategic investments and interventions in the built environment.

04. Week in Review

This week our design team has been working frantically to finalize the concept phase documents to reflect the decisions that have been taken by the client team. The project needs to quickly move into the design development phase if we are going to meet our permitting targets later this year.

Timber framing sketch for Sitra Office
Timber framing sketch for Sitra Office

Sitra's project team has been working closely with Sauerbruch Hutton and Arup to further develop our timber office solution. It seems that we have found a good way to deal with the limitations imposed by fire classifications and now massing and interior layout studies are in full swing. We hope to reveal a fairly comprehensive schematic design during the February 8th event! 

Timber cassette sketch for Sitra Office
Timber cassette sketch for Sitra Office

Jukka brings word from the Low2No Board that we will be naming the block something other than Low2No–a decision that reflects our purposeful distinction between the Low2No "Model" and the products it generates. Like naming a child, this has been extremely difficult and unfortunately we will not be able to take advantage of the Finnish tradition of waiting 6 months or so after birth to find the best name!

Jukka also hosted the Nordisk InnovationsCenter as they visited Sitra on Thursday. Sustainable buildings are coming on to their agenda and Low2No seems to be an interesting benchmark for them. Hopefully we will have a chance to share Low2No with them in the coming months. 

February 2nd, 2011

Posted by: Justin W. Cook

Category: Weeknotes